Every successful global brand has the characteristic of creating a good first impression and sustaining a leading ideology throughout their lifespan. The impact of branding on your business cannot be overemphasized, as it can either make or mar it. At Bonus Technology, we understand the importance of branding in continuously endearing customers and attracting more prospects, and we are here to help you achieve that.

With our creative, dynamic, and innovative approach to branding, we help you strike the right chords always giving your business the appeal it deserves. Our branding services are offered in two categories – brand strategy and identity design.

Brand strategy

We offer services such as image marketing, social media, and reputation management. With image marketing, we create humanized audio, visual, and audio-visual brand assets for your business, individualizing it and exploring the full potentials of advanced client experience. With social media we craft a personalized social media roadmap for your business, modifying social media to become a branding tool. We also offer reputation management services to help protect and proliferate your business reputation under any given circumstance.


We modify social media to become a branding tool by crafting a personalized social media roadmap for your business. We consider the activities that best suit your ideal audience and the best platforms that offer you more opportunities for business growth. We use our findings to create a detailed social media calendar that follows your business story and consolidates on your brand image. Find out on this here.

Identity design_

Our identity design services include logo design, text, color selection, and style research. We provide you with the best identity assets for your business.

To learn more about any of our branding services, please contact our sales team.